For Educators

Here are some ways to use My Life as A Chicken in the classroom:

1. After finding some of the rhymes in the story, have students make up their own rhyming words and verses.

2. Read the book together as a “readers’ theater”. Assign students or groups of students to play part of various enemies that Pauline Poulet encounters. Props can be as simple as signs (“Spooky Hoots”) or as elaborate as costumes. During the reading, student or group can make sound effects (verbal or with instruments) to go with their part (“hoo, hoo-hoo!”).

3. Sing to tell of Pauline’s adventure in MY LIFE AS A CHICKEN. See Music Page for Song “The Chicken Ran Far Away”

4. “Pauline, Prevail!” : The chicken loves this refrain, but what does it mean? and– How do we prevail in our own lives? Students can write stories or poems or draw pictures depicting a way they encourage themselves to “prevail”, even in scary or difficult situations.

5. Picture Sleuths: What do the illustrations tell us that the words do NOT? Example: What kind of boat does Pauline use to escape from the pirate cats?